Call me a Jew

Israel/Austria 2012
Documentary, digital, 95 min.


Director/Regie: Michael Pfeifenberger
Buch/Script: Michael Pfeifenberger
Producer/Produzent,: Michael Pfeifenberger, Josef Platt
Production/Produktion: Garagenfilm
Cooperation: Migrations Productions/Tel Aviv, Tapuz Communications/Jerusalem
Sound/Ton: Günther Tuppinger, Haim Meir
Cinematographer/Kamera: Astrid Heubrandtner, Meni Elias
Editing/Schnitt: Christine Deriaz
Music/Musik: Leo Vole, Ulrich Drechsler, Querschlaeger, Hammerling, Gabriel Vole
Set Manager/Aufnahmeleitung: Andrea Hügli, Silvia Massnovits, Shay Barmeli
Regieassistenz: Andrea Hügli, Silvia Massnovits
Sound/Ton: Günther Tuppinger

Leo Luster, Berta Reichenthal, Gideon Eckhaus, Uri Ben Rechav, Jossi Carmiel, Wilma Neuwirth, Lilly Tauber, Kitty und Herbert Schrott,a.o....

The involvement of large parts of the Austrian population in the Nazi extermination machine remains tangible to this day. For a long time remembering the destruction of the Jews was taboo. For survivors and their descendents as well as for the perpertrators and their children. Does this taboo still exist today? ..